Under Desk Heater with UK Plug

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These heaters panels are designed specifically to fit under a desk thereby providing personal directed heating

The IHP Underdesk heater is a small (160Watt), lightweight, high performance radiant heater designed to provide comfort by warming objects and people just like the sun does (but with no UV rays) without having to warm the air. These hearter panels are designed specifically fit under a desk thereby providing personal directed heating. Mounting brackets on the sides of the panel make allow for easy and fast installation.

Key features of the panel include:

  • A highly thermally conductive aluminium emitting plate with a high emissivity polymer coating

  • to ensure maximum radiant efficiency.

  • Long life stainless steel heating element. Hence our 10 year warranty.

  • A safety over-temperature trip to protect the panel from overheating if accidentally covered.

  • A British Standard two metre of ex and a moulded plug with a 3 Amp fuse

  • Low running cost per hour of less that 3p (at 18p per kWh)

Property Value
Power / Size 160W 595 x 295 x 25mm
Element Resistor - Heavy Duty Stainless Steel in a Ceramic (mica) Substrate
Manufactured By Quantum Partners Ltd (trading under the name Infrared Heating Products or IHP)

10 Warranty on Heater Panels
5 Year Warranty on MI Heaters