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Benefits of Infrared Heating

Far Infrared Heater - a better way to heat

Fast Responsive Heating

Infrared delivers fast responsive heating, when and where it is needed.

Healthy Heat

Infrared Heating means fewer allergens and germs as well as reducing mould and condensation and is proven to help aches caused by damp.  Feel the sun in your home!

Eliminates Damp

By heating objects and not the air, the air temperature is 2or 3 degrees lower than your walls and floors.  Hence zero condensation.

Money Saving Features

Infrared's money-saving features coupled with our low prices produces a great return on investment

Low Purchase / Installation Costs

Our infrared heaters are way cheaper to buy and install than gas boilers or storage heaters.

Zero Maintenance Costs

Unlike gas boilers, heat pumps or air conditioners, our heater require zero maintenance.  Install and forget.

Low Energy Usage

Infrared heaters typically use less than half the energy of an equivalent convection heater.  How green is that!

Suspended Ceiling Heaters

Our ceiling panel heaters integrate perfectly into suspended ceilings. 

Heater Panels (mounted) 

Panels can be easily and securely mounted to both ceilings and walls. 

Printed Heater

Turn your heating panel into a work of art using your own pictures or stock photo.

Medium Intensity Heaters

For larger areas, consider our range of medium intensity heaters.

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The Bee Money Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with our products, simply return them to us in the original packaging for a full refund, no questions asked.

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