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Bee Infrared

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Bee Infrared Heating offer a range of attractive and effective Infrared Heating Panels made in the UK, specially designed to suit any environment.

Radiant heating technology has proven to be one of the most effective, economic and environmentally friendly heating methods on today's market.  It is the perfect solution for both domestic and commercial properties. It is designed to radiate a comfortable heat which warms people and objects in the same way that we feel the radiant warmth from the sun!

Bee heated by the healthiest, money saving heating technology available today.

Infrared Heating systems offer a greater reduction on fuel bills against every current heating system, our case study against storage heating is just one example of how infrared heating will work in the ability to help with the reduction of fuel bills with around a 70% savings against storage heaters. 

 Wall, Ceiling or free standing Picture Panels Custom Facings Ceiling Tiles Linear Space Heaters

Clean & Healthy

Infrared Heating systems increase comfort levels, significantly reduces damp, condensation and mould growth.  In addition to this Infrared Heating systems will not expose people to the air movement associated with conventional heating systems, in turn cutting down associated breathing problems, which are made worse by the movement of dust, bacteria and particles that are breathed in through air circulation.

British Manufactured

By choosing Bee Infrared Heating Panels, you are supporting British products, but what's more you are purchasing the most effective and safest Infrared Heating panel in today's market, with British support.

Design For Changes

Bee designers have created the range of Infrared Heating Panels, knowing you will probably change the colour and look of your rooms over time and thus will want to change the look of your panel, our unique Panel Covers allow you to change from standard white as the panel comes or to add a changeable cover that holds either a picture, blackboard, photo print, mirror or a different colour.

Home Cost Savings

Energy savings of up to 70% are achievable by switching to Infrared Heating.

  • Up to 30% reduction - on gas central heating systems
  • Up to 50% reduction - on oil central heating systems
  • Up to 70% reduction - on electrical storage heating

The 280w panel costs just 3pence per hour and the 560w 6 pence per hour, now consider that if a room has the correct amount of panels then the panels will only be on for 5 to 6 hour per day.

Additionally, ZERO ongoing maintenance costs and should one panel fail, then the rest of your home heating is not effected.

Commercial/Office Cost Savings

Savings on commercial properties are far higher, 60 to 70% is achievable over gas.

    Disadvantages of Conventional Heating     Advantages of Infrared
  • Moist air condenses on the walls, creates mould and destroys masonry
  • Circulating room air disperses dust.
  • Variations in room temperature causes drafts
  • Objects and walls stay dry and emit heat
  • Infrared has a positive effect on humans
  • Affordable and energy saving operation

Overview of Bee Infrared Heating Benefits

Low-cost heating

Reduce your heating bill by 50%+. Infrared Heating generates highly efficient heat from relatively low power. 5 to 6  hours on time equates to 24 hours of warmth!

Healthy, clean heat

Infrared Heating means fewer allergens and germs as well as reducing mould and condensation and is proven to help aches caused by damp.  Feel the sun in your home!

Easy to install

Simple to install, plug and play or hard wire into your home.


All of our Panels come with 10 year warranty

Fast heating

Infrared has a direct heating action that works within a few minutes.

Unrivalled Service

Bee are highly experienced, offering the very best in customer care.

Zero ongoing maintenance costs

No more call out charges or monthly maintenance bills, what’s more if one heating panel should fail, the rest keep on working!

Minimal Breakdown Effect

Unlike traditional boiler or heat pump systems if a panel fails then it does not effect the operation of other panels in the home. 

The Bee Money Back Guarantee

If you're not completely satisfied with our products, simply return them to us in the original packaging for a full refund, no questions asked.

Download independent university review of infrared heating [complete report], [synopsis]


Commercial Case Study

Forgewood Midlands Ltd installed Infrared heating and have a 5 year saving of £54,751.03 and a 10 year saving of £142,928.10 PLUS their workers are now in a healthier environment [click here]

Find out how much you will save by installing Bee Infrared, receive a no obligation quotation [click here]


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